WannaCry Encryption SMB v1 Malware Tech Notes

This page has been urgently created to contain information regarding WannaCrypt, or better known as the WannaCry encryption ransomware virus. While the full extent of the damages caused so far remains unclear, the latest estimates place it at over 200k [...]

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Core Security Home/Business

Update! For Core Security Home - see https://www.gooroo.com.au/security/. Sign up now for better computer security TODAY and save up to $60! Core Security Home/Business is a managed security solution and differs in quite a number of ways from traditional unmanaged [...]

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What Anti Virus is best for you?

What is the best anti virus for you, home or business, PC or Server? We explore the reasoning between the two best protection programs out there, Avast for home use and Trend Micro for commercial use!

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SDRO Speeding Ticket Encryption Virus Scam

We are receiving calls from our clients and queries on suspect emails that look just like it is coming from the NSW Office of State Revenue (SDRO) or an Australia Post parcel delivery notice - do NOT open or click [...]

By | November 24th, 2014|Virus|

SynoLocker ransomware attack – Synology DiskStations

Synology NAS targeted by SynoLocker ransomware Synology users told to update DiskStation NAS drives after SynoLocker, a 'cryptolocker' style ransom attack. Synolocker is not a variant of the infamous Cryptolocker virus we reported on earlier, but is of the same [...]

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Cryptolocker Encrypted Trojan

CryptoLocker or Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A Cryptolocker encrypted trojan really does encrypt work data and personal files and is incredibly damaging. This trojan is very unlike most other ransomware virus in that this one really does damage files! It can traverse across network [...]

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