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Secure Remote Computer Access without the hassle of major configuration of business networks and desktop!







Setup Remote Computer Access at no upfront cost - Be ready to activate access quickly if you need it.

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak expands, small business must consider how to prepare in the event their staff are in lockdown and cannot travel to work.

With our managed services and customer remote access, people can work remotely from home and access their office computer from another computer or tablet device via a secure streaming connection. 

This will allow them to get access to server data (or shared folders in the business), applications and email as if they were sitting in front of their work computer.

$16 / user / month

* Prices inclusive of GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact we do not offer annual billing. Our subscriptions are all billed monthly so you can do month-to-month and terminate when the lockdown finishes. Easy as pie! As is our setup process.

To keep it simple, we don’t ask for any credit card or debit authorisation, so you’re in total control. We’ll invoice you monthly.

The customer remote access is built inside our remote monitoring and management platform (RMM), a professional business service we subscribe to. Their remote solution has had over 20 million users and more than 500 million remote sessions. Adherence to the latest security standards and compliances, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, and PCI.

Cancel anytime. Because there are no contracts and billing is monthly, you can terminate anytime you like. Access ends at the end of your current month. There is no hidden fees or charges.

Most definitely! We’ll be able to remote into your workstations, Windows or Mac, and resolve any issues as if we’re sitting in front of your computer, but no risk of infection. We’ve been providing IT support for 25+ years. *Charged at our standard remote service rates.

Our ethos is one of help and since the beginning we love giving advice and assistance. To be honest that’s what we’ve always been about as persons. Give us a call and we can give suggestions and advice to your questions.