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Obtaining high-quality business IT support in the Northern Rivers area is crucial for effectively managing your organisation’s tech needs. Partnering with a local IT service provider, who invests time in comprehending your business and tailors its solutions to your distinct requirements, is of paramount importance. They must be prompt, efficient, and consistently deliver exceptional computing solutions.

Our expertise lies in providing first-rate IT support to companies across the Northern Rivers region, with a focus on maintaining smooth business operations. We recognise the importance of having a reliable and high-performing IT infrastructure every day.

In short, our deep understanding of these requirements sets us apart from the competition.

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Slow business because of technology issues?

Your security, communications, and servers are without a doubt mission critical to the overall success and health of your business. Gooroo Technical Services understands how vital your business environment is, and why we recommend getting us to monitor your IT environment.

Our IT management plans includes severity monitoring and maintenance required on a regular basis. All of our plans include 24/7 remote support. There is also an onsite service element for local maintenance, computer and workstation setups, and network changes.

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We do leverage over two-and-a-half decades of business IT support excellence and provide your business with the best IT service with peace of mind. This ensures a strong foundation and smoother running of your crucial business processes.

It makes sense to have your supporting systems rock solid in order to allow business to be conducted as efficiently as possible, right?

We support all versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and below, including 2018 to 2003. We even maintain terminal and virtual (VPS) servers. Roles & Features such as Exchange Server, SQL Server are also supported. All versions of workstations are covered including Windows 10 Professional edition down to Windows 7 desktops.

For cloud infrastructure we implement and manage Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, to name the popular ones. We offer Microsoft 365 Migration services.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you today. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Some of our popular Small Business IT Services

Network Health

Network, workstations or server not running quite right? Causing issues with data integrity, crashing server/client programs? We troubleshoot business networks and put them right quickly.

Slow Workstations

Not getting the best from your staff due to a sluggish workstation? A slow workstation costs significantly across the year in both time and money if it’s not up to speed. We evaluate and cleanup if needed or offer the best solution.

Photocopiers & Printers

We manage Canon, Xerox, Samsung and other popular photocopiers in the business, adjusting advanced settings and updating address book entries. We can even do this remotely.

Business Data & Protection

Your business data is the all-important lifeblood of the business, yet most remain untested, unmanaged and remain precarious situation. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ that critical server fails or important database becomes corrupted.

Give us a call, we can get your backup schedules sorted perfectly and get them reporting their status daily. No more costly unknowns!

Need to work from home?

Contact us for our same day work from home solutions with zero complicated setup.

Gooroo Technical Services 25-years service excellence in IT Computers & Maintenance

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Getting in touch is easy & we’ll respond within the hour to discuss the problems. You’re also welcome to call us, or if on mobile even text us.

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