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Computer Setup

Have you recently purchased a new computer and find yourself feeling excited yet overwhelmed? With our expert computer setup service, you can leave the stress behind and fully enjoy the experience of your new device. Enjoy a smooth computer setup where everything is tailored to your preferences, without the hassle of figuring it all out on your own. Let our expert technicians come to you and set up your new machine onsite, exactly how and where you want it.

Experience the ease and convenience of our computer setup service, which includes personalised recommendations for connecting your new computer.

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Computer setup with all the right cords & placement

Getting your new computer configured can be an exciting experience, as it marks the beginning of a fresh chapter with a more powerful and efficient device. One of the most important aspects of this process is ensuring that your computer is set up with all the right cords (& plugs!) and that it is placed in an comfortable location.

By taking the time to correctly organise your cords and placement, you can create a more streamlined and clutter-free workspace, ultimately enhancing your productivity.

Remove unwanted programs, junkware and trialware

When setting up a new computer, it is common to find pre-installed programs, junkware, and trialware that can clutter your system and negatively impact its performance. These unwanted applications consume valuable system resources and storage space, leading to a slower and less efficient computing experience.

Trial anti-virus programs can also be removed and your paid (or free) security product installed, to ensure your computer remains secure after the 30 day trial period ends.

We take a look at all of them, identify, and remove these unnecessary programs to ensure your new computer runs smoothly and efficiently from the start.

Software installation

PC software is an integral part of setting up a new computer, as it ensures you have all the required applications to get started. Installing software like Microsoft 365 provides you with access to the Office suite, including essential productivity tools such as Word, Excel, and Outlook The additional hurdle is locating your Microsoft credentials in order to download this software. These programs enable you to create and edit documents, manage spreadsheets, and organise your emails efficiently.

Additionally, installing a reliable web browser such as Google Chrome (or Firefox) allows for seamless browsing, access to web applications, and syncing of bookmarks. We also migrate your old computer’s Google Chrome profile to the new computer so you do not lose anything and everything feels familiar.

Adobe Reader, is another valuable software, enables you to view and interact with PDF files, a common file format for documents and forms.

By carefully selecting and installing the right software, we customise your new computer to suit your needs and preferences, allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable computing experience.

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Choosing the right Internet security software

Choosing the right Internet security software is crucial to protect your new computer from potential threats and ensure the safety of your data. Many brands, such as Norton, Avast, Bitdefender, & Kaspersky, offer full security solutions that include antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware features. We identify and install your paid Internet security subscription, but it’s essential to evaluate these options if you do not.

Keep in mind that new computers often come with trial versions of security software that last 30 days, which should be removed during the setup process if you decide to use a different product. By selecting a reliable and robust Internet security software, you can safeguard your new computer and enjoy a secure and worry-free digital experience.

Connecting your printer correctly

We connecting your printer correctly as it ensures seamless printing and scanning functionality. After we connect the printer we install the correct drivers and software provided by the manufacturer, as scanning features typically do not work out of the box.

By taking the time to connect and install your printer properly, you can enjoy hassle-free printing and scanning experiences, making your new computer setup more efficient and convenient for all your document needs.

Bringing over & setup of your personal information

Setting up your new computer is not complete without bringing over and organising your personal information. As part of our comprehensive computer setup process, we ensure that all your essential data, including documents, photos, and contacts, are safely transferred from your old device to the new one.

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your personal information, and our technicians will carefully handle the migration process. By entrusting us with the transfer and setup of your personal data, you can enjoy a seamless transition to your new computer, with all your important files and information right where you need them.

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So you have bought a new computer and need assistance. Gooroo Technical Service is here to help you with home computer setup, allowing you to maximise your new device’s performance. Our skilled computer technicians know all brands and models, ensuring a seamless setup process. Get started on the right foot with your new computer – reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Carefully unpack your new computer from its box.
  2. Connect all necessary cables and peripherals.
  3. Perform operating system (Windows / Mac) installation wizard
  4. Establish an Internet connection for your computer.
  5. Install a reliable anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses and malware.
  6. Complete any required software installations and updates.
  7. Configure an automated backup for your system.

If you encounter any difficulties or require assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is here to help you with the setup and installation of your new computer. We can even do it remotely!

When you get a new computer and are left with an old one, there are several options available to ensure that it is disposed of responsibly, repurposed, or given a new life. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Reuse it for tasks like media servers, backups, or dedicated tasks.
  2. Upgrade parts like RAM, hard drives, or graphics cards for yourself or to pass on.
  3. Donate to non-profits, schools, or community centres to help others.
  4. Sell or trade it on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or GumTree.
  5. Recycle at e-waste centres for an eco-friendly option. Usually free to dispose.
  6. Repurpose components like hard drives or RAM for other projects.
  7. Get artsy by turning it into a unique piece of art.
  8. Set up a retro gaming station for nostalgia. Emulator software does not take much processing power.

Always wipe personal data before repurposing, donating, or selling. These options let you give your old computer new life, help the environment, or assist those in need.

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