Remote Support

This is our remote access support tool that allows us to remote into your system to perform service work for you. As such, usage of this service requires you have an understanding and agreeance of the what this tool can do.

Remote Access Policy

  • Allows remote access by authorised staff at Gooroo Technical Services, secured by the SSL/AES-256 encryption method when transmitting packets and data. It is completely safe to use in environments where security is a concern.
  • Allows attended & unattended remote access. Advantages here is we can get onto your system extremely efficiently for small jobs in the future. We will never remote into your system without your approval first.

  • This tool remains installed on your system and monitors basic health information from your system, such as hard drive predictive failure, temperatures of hardware, etc. Advantages here is we can call you if we get notified your system shows health issues.

This basic health monitoring is completely free and courtesy of Gooroo Technical Services. When you complete one of the forms below, our system will also email this information, and a ‘how to uninstall’ should you wish to remove it (or just let us know).

Download the Remote Support Tool

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