Microsoft 365

Make the migration to Microsoft 365 painlessly and easily.

Top 8 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Exchange

Get an enterprise quality business email platform on Microsoft Exchange. Rock solid delivery, robust mail reputation  and larger mailboxes.

Microsoft 365 Office Apps

Get your favourite desktop apps Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint on your desktops & smart devices.

Microsoft 365 Modern Authentication

Secure your critical systems with modern authentication, eliminating insecure 2FA methods. Protect your business from intrusions & fraudulent action.

Microsoft 365 Teams

Powering a better way to collaborate, communicate and share information using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 OneDrive

Get access to your files, documents & images, anytime and anywhere – on any device – with Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft 365 Yammer

Open dynamic communication across your organisation with this social networking tool.

Microsoft 365 Office Feature Updates

Never worry about outdated software, future upgrades, or downtime with a 99.9% uptime!

Ongoing support from Gooroo Technical Services, plus 24/7 phone and web support from Microsoft.

We make your Microsoft 365 Business Migration a Success!

Our clients enjoy and realise a fast return on investment with migrating to Microsoft 365 using our tried & tested migration methodology in Microsoft 365. Delivered by our knowledge we ensure the business is migrated with structured engagement. We make it possible to start using Microsoft 365 technology in your business as seamless as possible.


We audit your current business systems and set priorities for the solutions to each based on business impact. Setup of the new Microsoft 365 tenancy is configured to suit your business.

End to end migration

This is the stage where we migrate. Backup of affected data/emails and configuration of all workstations. Generally this is over a weekend to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Training & Support

Remote devices, such as smart phones will be configured plus training provided to staff. Ongoing support to your end-users so the change has the least disruption to your users.

Migrating to Microsoft 365?

Migrating your Business to Microsoft 365 and get much better mail health, delivery, & Office applications.

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