WannaCry Encryption SMB v1 Malware Tech Notes

This page has been urgently created to contain information regarding WannaCrypt, or better known as the WannaCry encryption ransomware virus. While the full extent of the damages caused so far remains unclear, the latest estimates place it at over 200k [...]

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Read 1st Before You Turn On – Flood Damaged Computers

Our hearts goes out to you during the Northern Rivers and Lismore's flood damage. It has been on a scale no one really expected and at the worst time. We wish you the best recovery in restoring your homes and [...]

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SiteGround – Security Scanning Just Got Improved

SiteGround, our preferred and recommended hosting company, have just improved their site scanning service (known before as HackAlert), has been revamped and is now even better than before. HackAlert is used by 1000's of their clients (including us!) to check [...]

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Smart Reasons to move from Gmail to G Suite

Smart Reasons to Move Your Business From Free Gmail to G Suite Everyone knows a Gmail email address. It looks like these: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Let’s assume you’ve been using free Gmail accounts for your business communications. Or... worse yet, [...]

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How to Install Office from Office 365

Many Office 365 subscriptions give you five copies of the latest Microsoft Office that you can install on up to five PCs or Macs. Here's how you do it.

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Migrate your website to SiteGround

Migrate your website from your current hosting provider to SiteGround with this awesome migration offer of free website changeover, domain transfer, up to 60% discount and up to 6 months free! Limited time, valid 1 Sept - 8 Sept 2016 only!

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Core Security Home/Business

Update! For Core Security Home - see https://www.gooroo.com.au/security/. Sign up now for better computer security TODAY and save up to $60! Core Security Home/Business is a managed security solution and differs in quite a number of ways from traditional unmanaged [...]

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Windows Update KB3097877 Crashes Outlook

A recent update for Windows may cause Outlook to crash. The update that causes this is KB3097877 and it appears to be limited to some Windows 7 installations when downloading online images for a HTML message. The version of Outlook [...]

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What Anti Virus is best for you?

What is the best anti virus for you, home or business, PC or Server? We explore the reasoning between the two best protection programs out there, Avast for home use and Trend Micro for commercial use!

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Windows Server 2003 End Of Support

Prepare for Windows Server 2003's End of Support Microsoft officially ends support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Windows Server 2003 is quickly reaching the end of its life and a mass migration is set to occur in [...]

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