LEAP Legal Software has reiterated their end of support deadline for the LEAP Practice Management Platform running on Windows 7 workstations by the end of June 2019.

The company is pushing the timeline somewhat, but the idea is to allow some breathing space before Microsoft pulls their support on the aging operating system in early 2020. This is to also allow their product department to focus its continued development purely on the Windows 10 operating system platform.

To note, Microsoft’s end of life support, and thus the important Windows Updates, for Microsoft Windows 7 is January 14 2020.

Preparation for the LEAP Legal Deadline

We highly recommend completing a company audit on your IT resources, more importantly those workstations with LEAP Legal installed. Your file server, if your company utilises one, should also be part of this audit. It is advisable this is started a few months prior to June 2019 to allow some room for any upgrades or changeovers.

LEAP End of Support for Windows 7

Not So Straight Forward

Some of the preliminary tasks may not be quite apparent, unfortunately.

It will not just be about upgrading an existing workstation to Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit edition). Some of the flow on effects to moving to the latest operating system will be surrounding your other software in the business.

Does your other business software work on Windows 10? think DSS, DYMO, Microsoft Office etc – poor examples since the latest versions work on Windows 10, but possibly not all older versions you may have installed etc.

Some Tasks Would Be

  • Which computers can be upgraded or replaced. Some hardware is not fully compatible with Windows 10 Professional 64 bit edition.

  • Also need to check what other software is used in the business and confirm compatibility or upgrading to the newest version.

  • Servers with older Microsoft Exchange mail systems will not connect to the newer Outlook and thus a potential server upgrade or switching to cloud based mail systems, such as O365 or G Suite.

Important Resources

LEAP System Requirements – Feb 2019
LEAP Conveyancer System Requirements – Feb 2019
LEAP System Audit Download
Microsoft’s Announcement on Windows 7 End of Life

We’re Here To Help

If you have any further questions, even just to chat, we have 25 years of service excellence in Network and IT infrastructures and look forward to discussing the expectations faced in this upgrade.

We can be contacted directly,

If you don’t have a contracted IT provider, we would be more than happy to discuss and assist you through these necessary checks and potential upgrades.


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