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SiteGround – Security Scanning Just Got Improved

SiteGround, our preferred and recommended hosting company, have just improved their site scanning service (known before as HackAlert), has been revamped and is now even better than before. HackAlert is used by 1000’s of their clients (including us!) to check their website(s) and alert them in case of a malware or blacklist event. It is now called SG Site Scanner and the following improvements have been introduced:

Securi - Better monitoring partner

The service monitoring domains is now performed by Sucuri, which is one of the most respected companies in the website security field globally. Securi are leaders in Internet security, and SiteGround’s hosting plans can now can rely on the same level of expertise for their daily site scans.

More efficient scanning

SG Site Scanner now scan every pages that are linked on your website homepage on a daily basis for a wider range of infections. This is a more efficient system than the previous system HackAlert.

Easier interface

The SG Site Scanner report page is built into the SiteGround Customer Area and is easily. You no longer need to login to a different interface to access information on the security status of your site. It’s just seamless. If you have SiteGround hosting, it will be in the “report” link next to your SG Site Scanner service in the My Accounts section.

Immediate Email notifications

If malware or blacklisting of your site is detected you will receive an immediate alert email. This minimises website downtime, and avoiding bounced emails due to your site’s trust factor being comp Once you clean up your website a confirmation mail will be on its way.

Easily manageable weekly reports

You can easily switch on and off the weekly email reports about the status of your site from the new SG Site Scanner interface within SiteGround.

Great Price & Peace of Mind

All this costs only .80 per year (!) and can be ordered for any domain you want to be scanned through your SiteGround customer area. If you already happen to have HackAlert, the security will automatically update – you have already received the new version and it will be automatically renewed at the new terms. Since SG Site Scanner provides visibility on your domain’s security and is so cheap, we highly recommend to have this enabled, or get SiteGround hosting today for your website. It is the most popular security service in SiteGround and has assisted many users to take immediate action and prevent further problems in the case their website got compromised.

Check out there hosting plans and benefits at the SiteGround website.

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