25+ Years of Server Management

We are providers of server management and network support for businesses in an highly effective and efficient manner. We understand you cannot be without your IT infrastructure working at its best day in and day out.

Your servers are without a doubt are mission critical for the overall success of your business. Gooroo Technical Services has a clear understanding on just how vital your server environment is; that is why we highly recommend getting us to monitor the most critical aspects of your server environment and manage the performance of your servers.

Our server management plans includes critical monitoring and maintenance required on a regular basis. All of our plans include 24/7 remote support. For servers that require additional management, on-site support components are available.


  • All Servers scanned & secured for threats
  • All servers performance optimised

  • Security of Data & Resources

  • Remote monitoring
  • Security Updates & Patching

  • Feature Enhancements

  • Scheduled & Adhoc onsite servicing

25+ years of service excellence in servers and proactive IT management

We have you covered!

We support all versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and below, including , 2018 to 2003, terminal and virtual servers, including roles/services such as Exchange Server, SQL Server, and many other related services.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you today, you will be pleasantly surprised.