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Migrate your website to SiteGround

For a limited time, starting 1st of September 2016 and ending 8th September 2016 (yes, just 1 week!), SiteGround will be running a migration promotion for web hosting. It’s a pretty fantastic offer and there is no better time to move from your existing hosting platform to SiteGround.

Update: Their migration offer is proving to be a very successful campaign. So far close to 3000 websites have found a new home at SiteGround and they have given away 17.5 years in free hosting compensation! We are excited to say they have extending the promo for the weekend – until September 11th.

To check out the offer go here:

Why is This Deal Amazing?

Website owners are reluctant to change web hosting, even if they’re having a bad experience, for two very big reasons – the migration hassle & expected downtime, and the already incurred cost for prepaying the existing web hosting service.

This offer has the perfect counter arguments to both. Their expert team will do the migration absolutely for free, preventing any potential downtime, and they’ll compensate up to six months from their previous hosting contract.

To top it off, they will also transfer your domain for free which will make things easier to manage in one location. It even includes a one year renewal of the domain. No migration hassle, no downtime, free compensation and free domain transfer!

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