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Core Security Home/Business

Core Security Home/Business is a managed security solution and differs in quite a number of ways from traditional unmanaged anti-virus. The primary features are;

  • Health Monitoring. Monitor alerts on your computer, server and workstations – this will accelerate our troubleshooting time for general issues (not just viral related)
  • Close Vulnerabilities. Manage windows update patching and 3rd party patch (Adobe Reader, Java, Flash, etc). This greatly closes discovered vulnerabilities in your systems and improves security.
  • Reduce Issues. Preventative maintenance throughout the year, keeping your system clean, fast, and less prone to issues. This is a direct saving downtime and computer repair bills.
  • Quick Response. (optionally) Roll-out a system tray app that will allow you to quickly submit screenshots and step by step re-occurrence of a computer issue (speeds up information gathering).
  • Fast Remote Support. Remote maintain a computer should you or your staff request remote service on an adhoc issue (similar to our existing remote service software but has better support options).

Standard – Plus – Premium

Core Security Home/Business’ Security component: AV Defender is built on the award winning Bitdefender® Internet Security platform with the best protection 3 years straight and the lowest impact on performance.

Core Security Home/Business also has three flavours or 3 levels of managed maintenance and monitoring, with Standard having the least monitoring to Premium having the best monitoring, maintenance and minimisation of  down time.

This will give a basic breakdown of the 3 tiers;

Core Security Home/Business | Standard

  • Includes managed Security – we can see any alerts or outbreaks directly from within our Core Security management console.
  • Light monitoring – we can see alerts of various components for the system.

Core Security Home/Business | Plus

All of Standard, and..

  • Health Monitoring – we can see huge range of vital signs on the computer system (hardware/software)
  • Managed Windows Patch – we manage windows updates, fails and errors.
  • Managed 3rd Party Patch – we manage updates to 3rd party software – ie Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, etc – this cuts down on vulnerabilities.
  • Monthly Report – report on your systems so you visualise the status of your network.

Core Security Home/Business | Premium

All of Plus, and..

  • Preventive Maintenance – regular and adhoc maintenance on your server or workstations and further lends to a reliable and secure network with less downtime – this will minimise computer repairs and keeps your system running as smoothly as possible.

The Plus and Premium plans cost more, due to our licensing costs and our time, but the benefits are very tangible as it effectively ensures your whole business network is patched properly and maintained, which in turn minimises downtime and repair costs.

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