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Gooroo Technical Services

Our ethos and company profile

Gooroo Technical Services overview

Gooroo Technical Services is an Australian provider of quality computer maintenance for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and corporations in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. With an emphasis on providing superior support, our business model is focused on reliability and trust, which we believe has attributed to our success over the past decades.

We provide a range of IT services including home and commercial computer maintenance, server and network infrastructure support and emergency support services for critical business systems. With a team of highly skilled professionals across a variety of areas, Gooroo Technical Services continues to grow towards being a pivotal service leader in this region.

We are one of the first onsite service companies in the Northern Rivers region of NSW to show our commitment to supporting the onsite service requirements of businesses and homes.

The Story So Far: Great Service & the Best Technology

Since the start of our operations, we have seen rapid growth in a high demand industry that is built on reliability and trust. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come and we’re proud to say the majority of our new business still comes from the almighty word of mouth. Our customers are loyal, and we still treat every customer as if they are our first.

At Gooroo Technical Services, we understand that building and maintaining a reputable organisation can only be achieved with customer confidence. For us, this comes from factors such as:

  • easy to use quality services at an affordable cost
  • understanding our customers’ requirements
  • engaging in sustainable, long-lasting relationships
  • treating everyone as part of the family that has made us what we are today

Our state of the art technology and systems are another factor that has contributed to our success. These assets afford us the confidence to fulfill a customer’s most demanding requirements by maintaining integrated scheduling and alerting systems that can be seen at service centre and on our technician’s equipment.

Where Are We Headed

Although it’s been well over a decade since we launched Gooroo Technical Services, our focus still remains the same: to provide quality computer services and customer orientated support to you at an affordable cost. Yes, we’ve come a long way since 2002.

New technologies emerge every day which have the potential to take us all in a number of exciting new directions. We invite you to come along with us and enjoy the ride with a “never say never” attitude. The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Us

Whether you’re an individual, a corporation, or anywhere in-between, we can help you support your systems by offering high quality onsite service, with excellent technical support and initiatives designed to help you succeed.

Jason Binder - founder of Gooroo Technical Services
Jason Binder / Founder

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