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With over 14,000 jobs in Northern Rivers, we do onsite computer service

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COVID-19 diagnoses continue to increase around the world. We take this opportunity to confirm our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our staff & service continuity for our clients, both via onsite and remote.

If you are experiencing any coughing, temperatures, sore throat, shortness of breath or you have traveled overseas in the last 30 days, please inform us if needing onsite service.

We will continue providing support into lock-down periods via our remote support services and also offer full solutions to business needing remote access to their staff in a work-from-home-environment.

We do onsite computer services

Do you have a broken computer at home or business network? Gooroo Technical Services offers comprehensive, mobile IT solutions at competitive rates.

Whether you spend your hours in an office, at home, or on the go, we can fix your PC, laptop, server and just about any device you own.

” Gooroo Technical Services has taken our business from the computer dark ages to the leading edge technology, and their ongoing IT support is exemplary “

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General Manager, Alice & Co.

We’re very much like NRMA, although we’re not ace mechanics… you could say we are the Gooroo’s for computers. Expert in onsite computer services in particular. We have over two-and-a-half decades of professional experience in supporting & servicing clients just like you — in any commercial or home environment.

Your IT problem becomes our problem, and we're really well versed in solving them.

Our technicians repair all kinds of computer problems. Starting from the simplest home computer repairs like setting up a pc to malware cleanups in the computer network. To right up there, designing & building multiple office networks or managed IT services for our business clients.

We support a wide variety of customers throughout Northern Rivers.
Here are just some of them.

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You just want your technology fixed! We have 25+ years of professional IT experience in computer repairs and small business IT services.

We absolutely love what we do and how we can help solve your computer problems. Our reputation is built on our 'can do' attitude.

Take a look how we help and the services we offer. Zero hidden costs, just friendly excellent service, and plain English.

Just need it fixed quickly?

We can help solve your computer problems easily. Our service list is pretty extensive. Here are just some of them that can help you;

  • Onsite computer service & repairs
  • Business and home repair services
  • Desktops / Laptops / iMacs / Macbooks
  • Servers & Networks
  • Mobiles, Tablets & Devices
  • WiFi set up & mesh connections
  • Data security
  • Disaster Recovery planning
  • Website design & email support
  • Setup smart TVs and digital devices (Netflix, YouTube, Disney+)

Who are we?

Gooroo Technical Services is a mobile computer repair and IT services business. We're based in Northern Rivers NSW. We also do remote IT services Australia wide.

It is run by passionate, experienced and professional IT engineers. We focus on providing the best in home and small business IT support.

Give us a try. We'll have you smiling after a fixed computer issue, or at the very least provide some free advice if this is what you're after.

Real estate, pharmacies and legal firms are just some companies we service in Northern Rivers. With expertise in all the latest technologies they are not left behind the curve. Take advantage of our Free Business IT Consultation if you’re looking for superior IT support.

We do IT services in Northern Rivers

Our service range covers the Northern NSW region of Australia, the local areas of BallinaLismore, Byron Bay, Alstonville. The list goes on. We also cover Australia wide via our remote IT support services. Just give us a call to have one of our technicians organise to take a look at your computer issue. There is no need to find a computer shop nearby and wait days!

Gooroo Technical Services 25-years service excellence in IT Computers & Maintenance

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Onsite computer services in Northern Rivers, NSW & remote servicing across Australia.