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Three important pieces of information to help keep your computer running and to minimise costly repairs/replacements, downtime and your data!

Answer the following questions now or get your Gooroo technician to check these for you when we have access to your computer. The following three are the critical to keeping your system safe and you stress free. Imagine if your unique photos were lost forever for the sake of a simple $100 backup drive?

Got Backup? And is it working?

Do you have an external backup drive for your data and is it working?

Backup devices are cheap, in the order of $100, and are simple to connect and configure in the computer. The alternative is complete loss of your unique photos should your computer’s hard disk fails. And trust us, hard drives fail all the time!

It’s a very cheap and stress-free insurance policy!

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

An uninterruptible power supply, commonly called a UPS, serves to protect your expensive computer hardware from power black outs, brown outs and power surges.

Apart from saving your data’s integrity by keeping your computer running in the event of a power failure, a UPS helps serve to shield against damage to your expensive computer hardware and peripherals.

One UPS can be used to protect your computer, monitor, modem, backup device, etc and are a cheap alternative to replacing or repairing your computer systems!

Anti-virus is it installed & actually active?

Anti-virus can be installed and checked, but when was the last time you looked at its subscription status?

They can also be installed, but viruses can cripple them. Check yours by going into your anti-virus program and take a look at its status. Also, take a look at whether the program is running in the system tray located at the bottom right, near the clock.

As a matter of course, our technicians always check these, but it always pays to keep an eye on yours regularly.

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If you mentally ticked NO to any of these, let us know so we can repair the situation. Keep yourself (and your technician) stress free by minimising these potential disasters. Call your assigned technician now if you have organised a visitation, or just let us know when we are repairing your computer issues. More information can be found on the excellent WikiHow page :

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