Remove email subscriptions with one click

If you are getting sick of the bombardment of all the junk emails, those ‘special’ offers, and newsletters you just don’t read anymore, there has to be a better way than waiting for them to appear in your inbox, finding the elusive unsubscribe link and manually removing yourself from them. And, that’s if you remember to do it. We ourselves always forget!

We were alerted to the service that does make it super easy. After stepping through a quick wizard we were offered to unsubscribe from a list. After you sign up, see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want.

If you are tired of the junk, give a shot at your inbox – as a result, for me it removed 196 subscriptions from our main mailbox (gasp!) and is cleaner because of it. Hooray for less email to scan over!


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We did find the wizard a little confusing at first since we didn’t realise it also wanted us to configure a digest of your email as well, but once we sorted out our confusion it was easy. Apart from this, the setup was really smooth, and we ended up being able to mass unsubscribe emails quite effortlessly.

Just don’t remove your subscription to our mailing list for computer tips and hints! ;) We don’t send many and we also use it to alert you to anything of critical importance like a major virus outbreak. And, if you haven’t already subscribed, just look in our footer.